Southern California

1st Place - Professional Ceramic Division

Visual Fine Arts - Orange County Fair Grounds

This plate was given to St. Joachim Church & School as a sign of gratitude for the parish loving guidance. “Madonna Teaching Baby Jesus to Read” is symbolic for how the school teaches their students the loving ways of life.

A special dedication written on the backside of the platter. Explaining how three generations have entered the parish. From immigrant Grandparents from Italy & Peru who just arrived to the new world; to their daughter Astrid, who graduated from their school and later migrated to Italy; to their grand-daughter Alessandra, who has returned from Italy to start school at St. Joachim.

A family’s journey…. A gift of gratitude.

The plate’s border design is traditional Deruta. The source for the center image is based upon a drawing by Raphael (c.1438-1520), the Italian Renaissance artist. Similar sixteenth-century Deruta plates are now in the Musee’ del la Renaissance in France and another plate at the LACMA (William Randolph Hearst Collection).

21-inch handbuilt platter. Copper hanger.